Stephen Osborne

Audio Engineer /

Producer / Photographer /

At Scottsdale Music Company, music is our passion and our lives. We put a lot of heart into what we do!

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Mitchell Brown

Audio Engineer /

 Photographer /

Web Design /

​Blake Smith

AKA DJ Ascension /

DJ / Audio Engineer /

Studio/FOH/Monitor engineer. Started when he was a kid in his mom's music classroom playing instruments and learning the PA system. That eventually led him to the audio engineering world. He moves around between the recording studio and the live sound world since 2009 grabbing any chance to have a hand on a fader. 

Certified Audio Engineer - Glendale Community College

Jeff King

Audio Engineer / Producer / 

DJ / Musician / Owner /​

Alejandro Gordillo

Audio Engineer /
​Producer /

Born into music, Jeff's grandfather owned two radio stations.  Spending his entire life learning guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, but always being drawn more to the technical side of capturing and producing music than performing.  After his time in the U.S. Army, Jeff spent seven years in colleges and trade schools learning everything he could to be an expert in this craft.  Along the way earning degrees in; Fine Arts, Audio Engineering, Audio Production Technologies, Music Business, Music Business and Marketing, and Disc Jockey Techniques. 

Native to the country of Ecuador, Alejando started his venture with sound at the age of 16. Looking to further his knowledge, he joins Scottsdale Community College and obtains a degree in Audio Production. While at SCC, he won multiple scholarships and was recognized as the best recording student in 2017. He has a passion for producing, mixing, and has top-tier productions under his belt.

Certified Audio Engineer - Scottsdale Community College

One of the strongest & most versatile DJ's in the country, Ascension defines his name by uplifting crowds & individuals across the globe. Originally self-taught, professionally trained, college accredited, and certified by the American Disc Jockey Association, Ascension is as professional & reliable as he is creative and engaging to every audience imaginable. Guaranteed & proven as a "Power DJ" with extensive experience in clubs, radio, weddings, corporate events, battles, tours, special events, festivals, lounges, & countless more. Ascension exceeds expectations consistently with his uplifting & inspiring presence to match his finely tuned technical skills!

Mitchell is dedicated to capturing your best performance, whether that's behind a microphone or a camera lens. After getting certified in Audio production, he jumped into the field of freelance marketing where he learned how to present items to the public and now uses those skills to help you perform your best in the studio. Whatever your art means to you, he'll keep you on task, and handle it with precision and care.

Certified Audio Engineer - Mesa Community College