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1-on-1 Tutoring Services

At Scottsdale Music Company, we understand that every self producing musician's or aspiring engineers journey is unique. That's why we offer personalized 1-on-1 tutoring services tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned pro aiming to refine your skills, our experienced tutors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Services Offered

  • Mixing: Achieve professional-grade sound by learning the art of mixing. Our tutors will teach you how to balance and blend different audio elements to create a cohesive and polished final product.

  • Mastering: Elevate your tracks to the next level with our mastering services. Learn techniques to enhance clarity, depth, and overall sonic quality for a professional sound that stands out.

  • Recording: Master the fundamentals of recording techniques, from microphone placement to signal flow. Our tutors will help you capture the perfect take and unleash your creativity in the studio.

  • Music Production: Dive into the world of music production and learn how to turn your musical ideas into fully-realized compositions. Explore concepts such as arrangement, instrumentation, and workflow to unleash your creative potential.

  • Pre-Production and Post-Production: Understand the importance of pre-production planning and post-production polishing. Learn how to streamline your workflow and maximize efficiency from start to finish.

  • MIDI: Unlock the power of MIDI and explore its endless possibilities. Our tutors will teach you how to program virtual instruments, create intricate compositions, and unleash your creativity with MIDI technology.

  • Guitar Lessons: Learn the art of playing guitar and captivate your audience with smooth chord transitions and dynamic melodies. From mastering basic techniques to engaging with your audience, our tutors will help you become a confident and skilled guitarist.

  • Sound Design: Delve into the world of sound design and learn how to create unique and captivating sounds from scratch. Whether you're crafting cinematic soundscapes or electronic textures, our tutors will help you develop your own signature sound.

  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Lessons: Harness the full potential of your DAW with personalized lessons tailored to your software of choice. From basic navigation to advanced editing techniques, our tutors will help you become a master of your craft.


  • Free Consultation: Before you commit, take advantage of our complimentary consultation session. This allows us to understand your goals, assess your current skill level, and tailor our tutoring services to meet your specific needs.

  • 1-on-1 Tutoring: Our personalized 1-on-1 tutoring sessions are priced at $65 per hour. During these sessions, you'll receive undivided attention from our experienced tutors, allowing you to progress at your own pace and focus on areas that matter most to you.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, our affordable pricing ensures that you can embark on your musical journey with confidence. Unlock your potential and take your music skills to new heights with Scottsdale Music Company.

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